Guild Library

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  • Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot magazine: Various issues from Summer 1973 to present
  • Fiberarts magazine: A few issues from 1982 through 2002

  • American Woven Coverlets (by Carol Strickler) 
  • A Bevy of Embellishments (by Beth Karjala) 
  • Designing to Weave & Sew (by Jean Scorgie) 
  • Clothing Patterns from the Weaving Room (by Susan Lilly) 
  • A Cut Above--Couture Clothing for Fibre Artists (by Virginia West) 
  • Weavers' Wearables (by Virginia West) 
  • Designer Diagonals (by Virginia West) 
  • Clothing from the hands that weave (by Anita Mayer) 
  • Fashions from the Loom (by Betty Beard) 
  • Weaving you can Wear (by Jean Wilson; Jan Burhen) 
  • Designing and Drafting for Handweavers (by Berta Frey) 
  • A Handbook of Weaves (by B.H. Oelsner) 
  • Weaving with Color (by Carol Kurtz) 
  • The Art of the Weaver (by Anita Schorsch) 
  • Four Harness Weaving (by Berta Frey) 
  • Adventures in Weaving (by Gertrude Greer)
Helpful Hints

Click the links below to view and download four and eight shaft project worksheets.
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